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Personalized Birthday Plates

The lights are low, the candles are and friends are singing. The picture of the perfect birthday celebration. Even the cake looks great! Only one thing could make it better and that would be for the birthday boy (or girl) to see their cake on a hand painted birthday plate, personalized with their name, just for them. Just imagine the smile on their face...especially when they remember who gave them their birthday plate every year they use it. Our Personalized Birthday Plates are a timeless gift and truly something that can be used year after year after year....

Choose from our Original Birthday Cake Plate, hand painted with a colorful cake for your birthday girl or boy : ) Or our unique Balloon Birthday Plate, in bright primary colors or soft pastels.

Personalized Birthday Plates are available in 3 sizes:
7" is a perfect dessert size, cake plate.
10" is your typical dinner size plate.
And the 12" is a large, almost platter size, plate.
(perfect for serving the whole cake)

Non toxic and food safe, our plates are also dishwasher and microwave safe.
Click on the birthday plates below for a better view!
Each birthday plate will open in a new window.

Due to the amount of orders received over the holidays,
orders placed at this time will ship in approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am painting as fast as I can : )
Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
posted January 2, 2015

" Lynn , My daughter Jodi got me one of your personalized Piggy Banks for my 60 th Birthday!! You are am amazing artist and I am sure your business will Flourish. The pictures on your web site do not do your work justice.
THANK YOU! Peter T. "

Balloon Birthday Plate


Balloon colors:
red/pink   orange   yellow green
blue   purple
in bright  or pastel

the text

and the name : )

personalized tumbler - $11.00

yes no
Qty to order:
Balloon Birthday Plates

Everyone likes balloons on their birthday. A room full of balloons make even the grumpiest person happy. Balloons can make adults feel like kids again (and even sound like them too : ) So give the gift of youth and happiness and make every birthday a celebration with our Personalized Balloon Birthday Plate.

Birthday Cake Plate

Birthday Cake Plate
& Matching Cup

choose the size              for a
the text

the name        and the candles
personalized tumbler? $11.00

yes no

Qty to order:

Are your grandkids' birthdays coming up? Are they too far away to visit every year on their birthday? Looking for a unique baby shower gift? Something that the baby won't out grow in a few weeks? Our popular Birthday Cake Plate is a great gift to give to remind your loved ones that you think of them every year on their birthday.

Most orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks of order date.
Please allow sufficient time when placing your order.
Orders are filled in the order they are received and Rush Orders are NOT accepted
Remember, everything is handpainted and personalized to order, and quality takes time.

Give them a gift that will make them smile....
a hand painted Korff Ceramic Original : )
Putting the "fun" in "fun"ctional.....
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$6.95 for orders $25.01 - $50.00
$8.95 for orders $50.01 and up.

International Orders:
flat rate to CANADA: $27.00 per order
flat rate to everywhere else: $42.00 per order

There is also a $2.00 handling fee per order.

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